BUSINESSES in Tiverton are being asked to remain vigilant after several break-ins.

Burglars broke into Twyford Photography overnight on Sunday, March 4, and stole a charity box and smashed windows.

Dressmakers Satin Touch were also broken into through an adjacent shop door and had £70 stolen. Sue Ryder Care was broken into the same night.

Kathy Welden Property Management had computer equipment and £100 worth of food taken on Thursday, March 8.

The burglars used a bin to climb a fence before breaking a window and removing an iron bar to steal a set of keys which opened the back doors to the building.

About £100 of damage was caused in the break-in at the business in Bampton Street.

At Gold Street store Banbury’s burglars triggered the alarm system and left without stealing anything.

Banbury’s manager Mike Halden said: “Our alarms went off as soon as they stepped into the store and then they left. I would advise other businesses to check their security because it saved us – spend as much as you can afford on it.”

In a separate incident, several Bampton Street businesses had their windows broken late at night on Friday, March 2.

Stavros Moullaris, from Ali Baba’s, said: “Fortunately we have not had any problems but it is worrying to hear.”

Police have sent around warnings of the week’s events through their Business Watch programme.

Police spokesman Bill Pascoe said: “We would encourage businesses to be mindful of security and to adopt appropriate security measures.”

Anyone who has information relating to the break-ins can contact the police on the non-emergency 101 number.