THE Working Wetlands project led by Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT) has produced a Practical Advice Pack to help support farmers in Devon who manage wildlife-rich areas of land.

The pack contains ten advice sheets which cover a range of topics from how to manage scrub and soft rush, to wet grassland restoration and swaling.

Each advice sheet is illustrated and draws on the experience of the local farming community combined with the knowledge and skills of DWT’s Working Wetlands project team.

A digital version will also be available to download from the charity’s website.

Mark Elliott, Working Wetlands project manager, said: “We hope this pack will prove a very useful source of practical advice for farmers wishing to manage their grassland habitats and protect their watercourses.

“Although we are currently working with over 300 individual farmers, we recognise that we can’t reach everyone – and we hope this series of factsheets will help answer some of the more common queries.

“That said, we are still at the end of the phone and have a team of farm and wildlife advisers able to provide face to face advice.”

Anyone interested in receiving a pack should call Working Wetlands on|01409-221823 or e-mail working.wetlands@devon| DWT currently manages 45 nature reserves all over the county, including a range of habitats such as woodlands, meadows, wetlands and heaths.