Householders in some parts of Torbay will be asked to put out their refuse and recycling bins and containers earlier than usual just before Christmas.

Collection dates are revised every festive period, and in many parts of the Bay, TOR2 crews will carry out collections a day later than usual. However, this year, collections affecting about 25,600 of the Bay's 64,000 households will take place one day earlier than usual in some areas, and two days earlier in others.

Stickers will be placed on refuse bins to advise householders of the earlier collection days and to remind them of the importance of putting out their containers a day or two earlier than usual to ensure their refuse or recycling is collected.

Collections scheduled for Monday 24 December (Christmas Eve) will be collected TWO DAYS EARLIER on Saturday 22 December.

Collections scheduled for Tuesday 25 December (Christmas Day) will be collected ONE DAY EARLIER on Monday 24 December (Christmas Eve).

A leaflet listing all the revised refuse and recycling collection dates, and including useful advice and information on recycling, will also be delivered across the Bay.