DRIVERS are being warned to watch their speed on a stretch of road in Cullompton to avoid being involved in a nasty crash.

Some motorists have been clocked travelling at over 45mph in Millennium Way, which has a 30mph speed limit.

A spokesman for Devon and Corn-wall Police said if people continue to drive too fast on the road measures will be brought in.

He said: “People need to be driving safe on this road, within the speed limit and according to the conditions.

“With winter come darker nights, wet roads and the risk of ice on cold nights, so people need to take extra care to ensure that they drive safe and their car lights are correct.

“Enforcement measures will be looked at and educating drivers to make sure the road’s safe.”

Police have established the speeding problem using detection equipment, both undercover and using visible mobile vans, and this has resulted in a number of motorists being pulled over and warned about their driving.

A number of drivers have picked up £60 fixed penalty notices as well as three points on their licence as a result of their speed on the stretch of road.

PC Graham Custance, neighbourhood beat manager for Cullompton Town, said speeding was becoming an issue, adding that Millennium Way has several bus stops, unpaved walkways and a children’s play area which drivers need to consider when they use the road.