POLICE were left red-faced when they went to a Scout hut in Crediton after a break-in was reported, to find it was simply an excited Scout unit having a sleep-over and a couple of tired Scout leaders.

Two double-crewed police units went to the Scout hut at Newcombes at 11.20pm on Saturday, November 16, and saw torchlight moving around inside.

They told the police control room some kind of suspicious activity seemed to be taking place and quietly approached on foot.

Suspicions were further raised when the sound of muffled laughter and chatter could be heard.

The officers tentatively nudged open the side door to the building but as it opened, any illusions of a burglary were shattered when they saw the Scout unit.

Police said they were grateful for the call, which was made in good faith – and that a quick response was able to allay fears a crime was in progress.